Saturday, February 23, 2008

Loot from Secret Pal

Here's the wonderful package that I received from my Spring Secret Pal.

We barely started the spring swap when this box arrived, and it had all of my favorite things in it!
-Lion boucle in Parfait (4 balls)
-Sugar 'n Cream
- Playtime (2)
- Swimming Pool (1)
- Sunshine (1)
- Beautifully crocheted Mug mats (4) in red, my FAV color!!
- Crochetville Mug filled with hot cider and cappuccino packets
- Tea variety pack (all my favorite flavors)
- Ferrero Rocher (I'm addicted to these things)
- Giant Hershey's w/ Almonds (love these as well)
- Ladybug note pad with magnet
- Post-it flags
- Letter A Post-its
- More Post-its Heart, Flower, and Leaf shaped!
- Kangaroo keychain
and last but certainly not least
- Bernat easy living with crochet pattern booklet
- LA contest favorite dishcloths
- free pattern sheets (knit and crochet)

Thanks so much Secret Pal!!

Christmas Presents

I crocheted a hooded scarf for a friend of the family, and my boyfriend knit this beautiful pink scarf for a coworker.

Christmas Crochet

I crocheted a Christmas tree skirt and a bunch of fridgies/keychains.

Pamper Me Christmas Gift

I knitted up a few facecloths in my friend's mother's favorite color for her Christmas present. I included some yummy smelling bath products, a candle, and a cute candle charm.

And the finished basket ready to go.

And one facecloth that I knit to try the pattern first, don't remember what I did with it, might have given it away already.

Felted Bags

I crocheted the ripple purses as gifts for the gals that helped me out after starting a new job at Victoria's Secret. They were all surprised! I hope they liked them!



And the knit purse I made for my aunt as a Christmas present!


I've got more squares too, just haven't gotten pictures yet! Shame on me!

Lots of finished objects!

I made a bunch of fridgies for the Yahoo Fridgie Exchange group.