Monday, January 24, 2011

Comfortghan Squares

There was a request in my craft forum for some squares for a dear friends' nieces and nephew. Here's are the two that I made for the girls. I used the Cross My Heart Square pattern.


And one for the boy. I used the Leaf Square pattern for his.


Not certain what my next project will be. In February I'll be starting the Baby Tree of Life. I hope I'll have the patience and drive to finish it. I haven't done any large knitting projects!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week in Review

Not too much crafting this week except finishing off those lapghans. I dropped them off at my sisters house and showed her how to do a sc edging around. Prior to that I only taught her dc for the granny squares. I also gifted her a bunch of yarn so she can work on more lapghans. I gave her a bunch of greens and blues. I'll try to remind her about taking a photo of her FOs.

On Wednesday I decided I needed to start something new and different, so I looked through the Knitting box calendar and found a pattern for a Baby Leaves Hat. I finished it on Friday. I probably should have used a solid color, but all the colors I had were too dark, so I just used up the last bit of the purple tweed that I had.


I have some comfortghan squares to make this coming week, and I'm looking for a simple baby hat to make out of some of my Vanna's choice yarn to use up some of that, and have a quick and satisfying projects. I may also pull out my Kaleidoscope ghan to get back to that. I'll have to figure out how many more motifs I'll need to make it the recommended size.

Tomorrow I'm having my official wedding ceremony with our parents, so not sure how much craft time I'll have. We had our ceremony and reception in October, but we didn't have a license because my SO was in the process of changing his last name. So tomorrow it will be official!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snowy Night

After a long night (3:30pm-1am) at work, I leave to find about 2 inches of snow covering my car. The snow started just before 10pm and just kept falling. Fortunately there weren't very many cars on the road at 1am, because the roads were a mess. There were no plows, and it was very hard to tell if any salt was put down. My street was definitely not touched, and it didn't look like anyone drove down it for a couple hours.


I've been working on 12 inch crocheted squares to join into lapghans for donation. So far I've completed two ghans.



Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Goodies

One of my close friends is having a baby next month!! Her shower was in November this past year, and of course I had to make her some goodies!! She's having a boy and the theme of the party was the Alphabet.

I whipped up this blanket in no time. Well, it seemed to go quick, but I worked on it every waking moment since I was a bit of a procrastinator.

I also put together a Diaper Cake at my sister's request.


Everyone admired both gifts and of course my friend loved them!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fingerless Mitts!

Sometime in December while working on the computer I decided I could use something to keep my hands warm. So I looked up a pattern for fingerless mitts. A friend pointed me to the New Moon Alice Mitts. It is such a nice pattern.

This is the first pair I made. I couldn't find a color that I wanted to make for myself, so my cousin asked for Black & White stripes which I had, so hers were up first.


Next I made my own, which of course I don't have a picture for. Mine are a burgundy color.

I got orders from a couple friends, sister, and my other cousin. Multi-color for a friend, solid black for another (no picture), blue for my cousin, and purple tweed for another friend.



I also made an orange and green pair for my sister and another black stripes for her boyfriend. Don't have a picture of his yet either.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blankets to Donate

I taught my sister to crochet granny square last year so she picked up some yarn and had a ball. She made lots of squares. I think 195 squares total: half green and half blue.

It was my task to join them. I started this task on our Girls Weekend in April. I used a join-as-you-go method that I made up while I was working on it. I continued with another granny round, but would sc in the ch1 spaces for the sides to be joined to one another.

The first one I finished on January 9 with a Cafe colored border.

And the second one I finished today with a Rose colored border.

There are a lot of ends to weave in, but I'm not up for that task. She'll have to learn to do it, or ask the ladies at the Church she's donating the blankets to help her with that.

My sister is having a ball with the granny pattern, so she'd been making Giant Granny Ghans lately. I've been whipping up 12 inch squares that I'll join to donate.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Start of 2011

Since I'm such a slacker with this blog, I think I'm going to do something quick and easy and just list the projects that I have going right now and the ones that I have planned for sometime this year.

- Edging on baby blankets
- GGG for donation
- Kaleidoscope, add more to current ghan
- 12 inch squares to be made into lapghans for donation
- Becky's squares joined into an afghan
- Halloween ornaments

- Pink sparkle hat for gal at work
- Mini stockings and Christmas Ornaments
- Tree of Life baby ghan

- Color books for a few little ones