Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week in Review

Not too much crafting this week except finishing off those lapghans. I dropped them off at my sisters house and showed her how to do a sc edging around. Prior to that I only taught her dc for the granny squares. I also gifted her a bunch of yarn so she can work on more lapghans. I gave her a bunch of greens and blues. I'll try to remind her about taking a photo of her FOs.

On Wednesday I decided I needed to start something new and different, so I looked through the Knitting box calendar and found a pattern for a Baby Leaves Hat. I finished it on Friday. I probably should have used a solid color, but all the colors I had were too dark, so I just used up the last bit of the purple tweed that I had.


I have some comfortghan squares to make this coming week, and I'm looking for a simple baby hat to make out of some of my Vanna's choice yarn to use up some of that, and have a quick and satisfying projects. I may also pull out my Kaleidoscope ghan to get back to that. I'll have to figure out how many more motifs I'll need to make it the recommended size.

Tomorrow I'm having my official wedding ceremony with our parents, so not sure how much craft time I'll have. We had our ceremony and reception in October, but we didn't have a license because my SO was in the process of changing his last name. So tomorrow it will be official!!

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