Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monkey Business

Well this week has been coming along well. I didn't really do everything on my list so far this week, except on Monday. One Sunday I had a nerve racking trip to the ER with my boyfriend who was having severe chest pain, he was diagnosed with Chest Wall Pain. His ECG looked normal and his chest X-ray looked normal. I'm still worried about him though, praying that it is not going to turn into something serious.

Some good news...My CompUSA is officially closing on the 14th of May! I can't wait!!! I've been putting off quiting that job for so long, and now I have an excuse to move on. I'm going to finish my Masters Degree and find a job. Hopefully all that pans out before the end of the summer, otherwise I might need to find another part time job since I'm not sure how much I might collect on unemployment.

Some fun news! I tested the Silly Monkey pattern for Melissa.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


I finished my blue round ripple last night, but haven't gotten a picture of it yet. So I decided to put some pictures of some other things I've finished lately.

Kitchen set for my boss: Hot pads and dish cloths

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Kitchen set for my sister so far: Hot pad and dish cloths, I still want to make some towels, but not sure what pattern to use yet.

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And last but not least. The apricot cardigan I've been working one, still not finished, but almost.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2nd Blue Round Ripple

I've been slowly working towards reducing my stash. I finished off the royal blue round until it wouldn't make it around all the way. I think I'll do some navy, then white, then finish off the light blue if possible. Then I think I'll be finished with it. I'll probably keep it for myself for a while till I figure out what to do with it. I may give it to my sister for her birthday, but that's not until June, so we'll see.

I'm still working on making the Apricot Camisole, in rose. I finished most of it, all that's left is the straps and the back. I decided to change the pattern a bit, or a lot. I didn't do the back at all as the pattern said. Instead I did each side like the bottom edging, and I'm going to make a chain or sc tie to tie it in the back. Haven't decided what to do with the straps yet.

Hopefully I get some pictures up sometime. I've just been lazy about it yet.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Easter Magnets

My coworker found some cute easter magnet patterns that we just had to make! They are so cute, and easy to make. Here's a pic of them after making a few during work.

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I also made a cute basket just for fun.

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And here's another picture of the basket with eggs, candy, and other stuff.

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Of course I've been working on some other stuff, like a kitchen set for my sister, dishcloths and pot holders. I also made a couple of pot holders for my boss, and might make some dishcloths for him to, I'm not sure yet.