Friday, April 4, 2008

Package from Wednesday

I got another package from my Secret Pal on Wednesday. Well, it might have arrived on Monday or Tuesday, but I didn't get home until Wednesday.

I got a beautifully crocheted round ripple that reminds me of the sun! I LOVE IT!

There was also a package of Clover soft touch hooks and Afghans for all Seasons
AND... 10 balls of The Leader in lovely coral color.

This is what the ripple looked like when I got home from work tonight. It looks like it is glowing!

Happy Birthday TO ME!

Thank you so very, very much Secret Pal! I really wish I knew who you were!

On Saturday, March 22, I went galavanting with my boyfriend in the morning. We got back just in time for the mail man to deliver the box directly to my hands after we pulled into the driveway!

Here's what I got!

List of Goodies
- hoop&yoyo Birthday Card
- $25 Gift card to Michael's
- Crocheted Birthday Cupcake!
- Toys to Crochet
- Crochet for Babies
- Crocheted Basket filled with
+ Fruit Pumice Stoen
+ tissues
+ Foot Soak/Lotion
+ Face Tonic
+ Surfboard Nail files
+ Loofah Sponge
+ Facial Buff
+ Bath Mitt
+ Red note pad
+ Red change purse
+ Red magnet album
+ Red heart mirror
- Crocheted washcloth
- 5 balls of Bambino yarn
- 2 skeins of Red Heart Soft Baby in Naptime

I've been so spoiled! I hope I didn't forget anything.

Thanks again!

Birthday Cookies and Easter Surprise!

After receiving four Birthday cards the week before my Birthday I was not expecting two boxes to be sitting on my chair when I got home from work that Friday.

The first one was a wonderful box of cookies for my Birthday. They were delicious!!

The second package was all about Easter!

Easter Basket full of goodies!
- CuddleKins Rabbit
- Chirping chick dressed as a bunny
- Lamb egg filled with Hershey Kisses
- Peeps
- Lindt chocolate bunnies
- Malted Milk eggs
- Reese's Peaunt butter egg
- Cadbury eggs
- Russell Stover Marshmallow egg
- Reese's Pieces
- Lindt Bugs & Bees chocolates
- Cookie shaped like an Easter egg
- Chocolate Milk Mixer
- Easter stickers
- Sensations Bellazza Collection Canditi in Canditi Cream (4 balls)
- Bernat Satin in Banana, Spring, and Star Dust (3 balls total)
- almost forgot... a cute egg shaped candy dish.

Birthday Cards and Bookmarks

I got 4 cute Happy "not yet" Birthday cards the week before my Birthday!

In the cards
- red bookmark
- $25 Gift Card to A.C. Moore
- lizard bookmark
- $25 Gift Card to Jo Ann Fabric

I was very spoiled that week!

Thanks soooooo much Spring!

St Patrick's Day

Look what I got from my Secret Pal! A wonderful St Patrick's Day Surprise!

In this package
- Corned Beef
- Cabbage
- fuzzy socks
- shamrock book mark
- shamrock fridgie
- chocolate money
- St Pat's Day sign
- St Pat's Bandanna

Second Package from Secret Pal!

My Secret Pal has spoiled me. This is the second package I received. This one I got on March 6th.

In this package was the following:
- A nice not one cute froggy paper
- Gourmet Popcorn Cluster (that might end up being my breakfast)
- Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers (gonna have to take them to the movies)
- Patons Classic Merino: 2 Burgundy, 1 Regency (love both colors)
- 3 beautifully handmade stitch markers: 2 frogs and 1 dragonfly
- Froggy stickers
- 101 Fun-to-Quilt Pot Holders
- Water Soluble Fabric Marking Pencil
- Rotary Cutter, and last but not least
- 24 BEAUTIFUL Quarter Flats!

Thanks so much Secret PAL!!