Friday, September 14, 2007

More Shirts, Cables, Hearts and Stripes

I've been busy these past two weeks. I've been looking for a job and trying to organize this house and move around furniture and things. I did manage to get some crocheting in of course. I also went to visit my cousins this past weekend and our art project that I took along was tie-dye. I think the kids had a good time, and here are the results, except Travis' picture is lost.

I also completed 5 squares for the Football Charity Challenge this week. I decided to do the 63 Cable Squares because I'm also apart of the CAL on the 'Ville. Here they are...

#1 Lobster Claw Cable

#3 Diamond X

#11 Cable in a Diamond

#32 Diamond X

#35 Chained Diamonds

I've made some progress on the Flag Ghan after not touching it for months. I finished all the striped squares, and I only need 9 more heart squares then I get to assemble!

And the Piano Purse which has been finished for a while.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wedding Pics

This past Sunday I attended a lovely wedding for a former coworker of mine. We used to work at CompUSA together for nearly 5 years until the store closed in May. I've got a few pics, unfortunately none of the couple.

Me and Chris

Me wearing the jewelry I got from V-Hooked for the accessory swap on Crochetville.

The gift we made for the lovely couple.

Placemats, Hotpads, Napkin Rings, and of course the lovely cake.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Here are some square I made yesterday to send out for various comfortgans. The took about an hour to make each, so you can see I spent at least 4 hours yesterday crocheting. The rest of the day was spent wondering around IKEA to get furnishing ideas and BestBuy looking for a washer.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


For some reason I was in an orange kind of mood this past week. I made 3 things that were orange! I guess considering what they are it kind of made sense, and for the cupcake that looks like an ice cream cone, I was too lazy to find another color.

Here's some pieces of the 8-Pocket tote I've been working on. Now all the pieces are complete, just have to assemble and make a lining.

And, speaking of linings. Here's the linig for the Piano purse. I still haven't sewn it in, I like to wait forever to finish the last bit of a project, not really sure why though!

Those are all the pictures I've got at the moment. I just finished a Circle Geometric Baby...guess what color!?!? ORANGE!!! and black. I'm also ready to start decorating for Halloween, but we've got a house to rearrange first, maybe I'll get some pics of the way it is now, and then take some during the process, and after it's completed. We'll be starting with moving our bedroom to another room in the house. This process will probably start on Monday, after we figure out what to do with the extra bed in the room we want our bedroom. Then, we've gotta empty everything else out and move our bed in and 2 dressers. It will be an ongoing process, but hopefully it wont take too long.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Butterflies, Cake, and more!

Been working on lots of different crochet projects as usual. Got several projects completed, and still more in the works!

Here's a wedding cake I finished in two days for the wedding this coming Sunday.

My boyfriend and I are also working on a kitchen set for the rest of the present. I made hotpads and designed a napkin ring. I've still got 3 more napkin rings to make, and Chris is working on knitting placemats and has 3 more to make. I hope we get everything done in time!

My shopping spree. I got lots of goodies on clearance at Michael's and AC Moore.

The goodies I got from my Accessories Swap Partner. I've been using the lovely pink purse all the time!

And of course a whole arsenal of Butterflies!

Don't forget these cute toys for the Toy Drive.

A cute little knit baby hat! My first major knit project aside from a scarf for last Christmas.

Monday, August 20, 2007

New Pics of Projects!

Finally updating. I haven't been doing much other than crocheting, house hunting, and slowly working on my thesis.

Here's my progress so far with crocheting. Lots of pictures!

The Pink Tank that I've been working on forever. The majority of it ws finished a long time ago. My boyfriend recently finished the lining. Didn't he do a spectacular job? No i just need to add straps to it. I was hoping it wouldn't need it, but turns out it does. So that will probably take another few months!

The Music Purse

Change purse for the Music Bag, before felting.

Purple Belt I designed


Dishcloth I made when I started crocheting again a couple years ago.

Capelet I made, not sure what I'm doing with it yet. Might keep it for myself or give it to my sister.

Bracelets my sister and I made a couple weeks ago

Squares Blanket - made it up as I went. Still need to write up a pattern for it.

Piano Purse - needs handles and lining

Pink and Blue Purse

Still can't believe it's been so long since I've updated my blog!