Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update to my 2011 List

- Edging on baby blankets (Blanket a, b, c, d & e): one left in stock, might pick up some more
- GGG for donation: Taking this off the list. I gave my sister all the yarn for lapghan squares
- Kaleidoscope, add more to current ghan: Have lots of scraps and I'm ready to start working on this again
- 12 inch squares to be made into lapghans for donation (Lapghan A, B): Also taking this off the list for same reason as GGG
- Becky's squares joined into an afghan (Lapghan C, D, E, F):
Finished a few of these, and taught her how to join, so I will only help when she gets overwhelmed
- Halloween ornaments: long time away, so haven't thought about these
- Crochet A Rainbow Squares: finished mine, waiting for a bunch from MIL to send off.
- Hearts

- Pink sparkle hat for gal at work
- Mini stockings and Christmas Ornaments: Better get started on these, Christmas is just around the corner!
- Tree of Life baby ghan (Progress 1): I've made great progress on this one, gotta keep at it.

- Color books for a few little ones

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